Cat Problem! Very Frustraiting!!!!

So I put this up on facebook, "Seriously thinking of getting rid of my cat... anyone want him? He has front claws, but is an indoor cat. If you or someone you know wants him let me know he's just being a big pain since Owen was born. If he does go he has to go to a GOOD home!!!"

My cat is just a pain, He goes on the table, counter, high chair, baby toys and car seat... He has swatted at Owen several times and has got him a few and made him cry. We get after him but it doesn't do anything. AHhhhh getting very frustrated!!!

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

    Have you seen that show on on Animal Planet, My Cat from Hell? That guy has some really cool ideas to get your cat to behave and for you to understand how to help them. I highly recommend it. I watched the entire series on Netflix.
      I have some calming treats I can give him. I have also decided that I am going to start letting him go outside. It will have to be next week since its raining so much this week. I am trying to give him more attention and play with him and have his toys out but he's still so mad... so we are going to start with the calming treats this week and then going outside next week.
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          OMG very hard to get rid of Charlie... He's still around and still apart of our family... I have started letting him go outside... He really really likes it so that's good. I'm not sure if its going to help or not but I am going to give him some time to see. I hope it does work and if he becomes an indoor out door cat then o-well... Yeah there are the risks of him being an outdoor cat but if it helps then that great... He's been in and out for the past two days and the biting has gone down and he is cuddleing with me again at night and seems to be happier... I will keep everyone posted if they want...
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