PSA.. Bikers BE SAFE.

So today I had the unfortunate luck of being the main witness to a pretty awful motorcycle accident.. It all happened directly in my rear view mirror as a young gentleman flipped his motorcycle completely forward onto himself and I watched him fly off, onto the pavement.. (insert eye bulge).. it was awful. I was braking slowly because I was approaching a metro park cross walk that has a sign that begins to flash when bikers or joggers need to cross.. this time of year, people tend to forget about the cross walk and I always am very careful to slow down, as I know joggers and bikers like to dash across.. well as I slowly slowed.. the biker behind me must have braked too suddenly and all on his own he nose dived into the road and went forward over himself on his bike. I braked in the road, turned around, called 911 and jetted over to him.. lucky for me (I don't deal with blood the best) many other people beat me to getting to him.. lucky for HIM.. he could move both legs, arms and hands.. we told him not to move though, for fear something could really be wrong.. he was talking, even reached to get his cell phone out and called his Mom.. then the EMS came, the Police arrived.. the whole nine yards.. I was the only statement they ended up getting about what happened.. as awful as it all was.. it was a HUGE reminder to me how important bike safety is.. and sadly, everyone I know who has owned a bike has gotten injured..

Just wanted to share this snippet in hopes that if you or someone you know rides a bike.. you stay alert, drive the appropriate speed, pay attention and ALWAYS wear a helmet.

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