..oh the ways!

Let's see.. first, make sure they don't need anything.. ie.. to be fed, to have their diaper changed or that they don't need put down for a nap or for bed.. or that they are not too hot or cold.. otherwise, if they are fussing to fuss.. here's a list I would use..

- pacifier, if they take one
- swaying or bouncing them around
- walking around the house with them
- try changing holding positions with them
- face them frontward while walking around, babes love to see things!
- try their swing or bouncer
- try holding them on their side
- get them cozy, cuddle them up in a blanket
- talk to them
- sing to them
- snuggle them up tight to you.. babies love being snuggled!

That's just a small list I would use ;)

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