Do you like surprises? Because I hate them. I've never enjoyed being sprung into something suddenly (like my baby shower) or suddenly given something (without something to give back) and such. Like right now; my boyfriend is cooking me dinner and I have no idea what it is. I appreciate him cooking, of course, but I hate that I don't know what it is. I hate surprises, most especially with food and he knows this. Ugh.

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      I am not a fan of surprises at all if I know they are coming. I always say to my husband - either make it a complete surprise (walk through the door with dinner in your hands) or make it not a surprise at all!! I start to get anxious when I know a surprise is coming because I worry that I won't respond appropriately or won't have any expectations I begin forming met... it's all or nothing when it comes to surprises for me!
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