Eating baby food!

Andrews getting so good at eating from a spoon. He had one full jar of baby food to day. How much should you let your baby have in one serving?

    Well, Lucas is almost 8 months and he'll eat about a jar and 4 oz bottle during a feeding. Keep in mind, my son is a pig lol. Personally, we just feed until he's satisfied. For example, eating apples the other day, we gave him his usual half jar but he made the saddest face and we gave him a bit more. He finished the jar and was happy again. Usually he might only eat half a jar of whatever though. SO, I just feed til happy haha.
      I'm with Brande. We don't really do jarred baby food, we just feed table food and Hayden has always gotten whatever she would eat. She let me know when she was done by either starting to throw the food on the ground, or by getting fussy and trying to get out of her high chair.
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