How to lose baby fat.

Relax about it! It took 9 months to gain, it'll take a while to lose. Of course you'll lose a pretty good handful when the baby and his environment are no longer in your tummy haha. You'll still have a pretty good pooch though and that's alright! Don't stress!! Start slow and when your doc gives you the green light to exercise. Breastfeeding can make you lose a lot of calories too. Slow and steady wins the race, mamas! You'll lose the weight you want if you take good care of yourself and don't expect to lose it in a snap! That's what those wonderful late night walks with the baby and hubby are for too. :)

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    With all 3, I've been able to lose almost all of the weight I gained just by having the baby, and then breastfeeding. With Hayden, I had about 8 lbs that just wouldn't leave so I adjusted my diet for a month - eliminated carbs, sugar and dairy - and those 8 plus some fell off!
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