Does anyone else feel this way?

It seems lately that many of my former class mates that are stay at home moms are having their 2nd or 3rd baby in the coming months. For some reason I feel really guilty about being happy with only having one child. I love my son more than anything but there are days that I get frustrated with him and feel really overwhelmed. Is this all part of dealing with a toddler that can't fully communicate and throws tantrums? Does it get better? I just don't understand how these women do it or am I doing something wrong?

    Have you read the Slice of Perfect blog post from Baby Rabies that was posted on the facebook page the other day?…

    I really liked the post because it's hard to remember that when we are online we are only looking at what other people choose to show us. As a mom of 3, I can tell you that it's not as perfect as you probably believe. My house is a constant wreck and there are some days where I can barely keep it together - there's nothing I'd like more than to curl into a ball and cry - but I do because I simply don't have a choice. With 3 kids, I don't have the luxury of being able to take the time to cry because there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done or someone that needs something.

    A decision to only have one baby isn't wrong or crazy - it's the decision that is right for you at this point in your life. As for tantrums.... those will get better and eventually go away... and then you'll have some other terrible thing to deal with ;)
      My daughter turned three recently, and I can tell you that I didn't really think about having another child until now lol. When they are young it's hard for some, like you and I, to picture having more than one. And a lot of times we feel like we're on a time limit. We are the ones who decide when we want to have another child. If my daughter is 5 or 6 before I have another child, I'll be perfectly fine with that. They don't have to be a year or two apart. Lots of people wait until their first borns are much older before having more. Don't feel guilty. Take your time and enjoy your children :-)
        Hi Elizabeth! Love your honesty and no, you are NOT alone.. and I guarantee these moms don't have it any easier or aren't doing anything better.. and that they too also have moments like you do.. they may not TELL you.. lol..

        Parenting is hard.. If you are good after one child.. OWN that.. make it light and funny and tell your friends, "Props to you, but I am good on one kid.. ".. Some moms ARE good with one child and that's fine.. I promise.. to know that now and not suddenly find yourself with a new baby and toddler.. and crying in the bathroom is FINE...

        Toddler is rough time .. and maybe you have as much as you want.. and you need to be okay with that... let everyone else have more babies if they want to.. :)
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