Can't stand it...

I can't stand it when someone "doesn't know" whether they are pregnant or not.... Get a test! Go to the doctor! Get a sono! There is ALMOST no way that you would not know if you were pregnant. Unless you took your test to soon, in which case you will know very soon! (I said ALMOST so if someone on here for some reason didn't know, don't get mad at me.) And to me, if you are holding off buying a pregnancy test for whatever reason, it must not be important to you! And some people will lie and say they are pregnant to get attention or try to keep their boyfriend/husband around if things have gone sour. I have news, that won't keep him around!

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    I never thought I could have kids, neither did the bf. I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 7 weeks along because I never took a test. The bf said I should probably take one, I said NOPE! Not possible.. but then it got stuck in my head so I bought a test and took one and WHAM! 2 pink lines :)

    But I do agree with you. Some people know their cycles very well and if they are a day or 2 late, start to panic but don't want to take a test in case it's negative.
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