You Shouldn't Help Your Kids With Their Homework

I thought this was a really interesting article. This talks about a recent study showing that parental help on homework doesn't help a child's scores to improve and in many cases can hinder their learning.

What do you guys think? Do you help your kids with their homework?

    I think there is a fine line.. There is helping and then doing.. I'm there for my 4th grader to help if he needs it, but I don't hover and I will look it over sometimes just to make sure I DO know what he's doing right now.. if he asks me something, I jump in.. totally.. my 1st grader, I sit at the table with her and let her do it but I listen and watch.. so I can correct her on words or directions, but I don't tell her what to do, I guide her..

    it's hard to stay out of it.. but I have them do their homework near me.. in a common area so I'm available.. and always will
      I feel like it's the parent's job to make sure their child is getting the homework done, not getting frustrated, and is learning how to manage their work load. It's not my job to do the homework or even to understand it. I will do my best to encourage Avery to figure it out herself and cheer her on if she feels overwhelmed, but I don't want to solve it for her. I'd rather her get a few problems wrong and have the score be true to her level of understanding then get 100% and understand nothing.
        Well, I can't speak on a professional level here, but when I was younger I had a really hard time with math and science. I could never get a grasp on it. My dad was an electrician and was really good at explaining the theories to me in a way that the teacher couldn't. So if that's the case with my boy, I will help him no matter what. Dad also took our calculators away, which was the best thing for us back then. He made us really think about the problems and work them out on paper. Then he could see where we were going wrong and explain it.
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