Asked my kids.. what would really be different with a lot of money?

My 7 year old made a comment yesterday at Target.. when I told her 'no' - we weren't buying any toys today.. and she had $7 more to save for the barbie she wanted.. She said, "I wish we had tons of money.. like lottery money to buy it"..

and I explained to her that it wasn't about HAVING the money.. that i HAD the money.. it was about teaching her to save, and earn and reward herself..

Then I asked them what they think would be so different in their lives if we had TONS of money.. and they stuttered.. They both said they would get their own room, and I said True.. then a yard.. Okay, True..

And that was it.. And I was so relieved.. They realized that besides a few things we ALL want for ourselves and our home (I want an office).. that we have everything we could truly want..

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