worst night ever

I have been up since 4 am cramping like I was the other night well I dropped my son off at school and went back up to L&D since my ob is off today they monitored me and the baby and im now dilated to one and having contractions but the nurse said im only having 3 to 4 every hour so she and the on call doc think it will take me a while to go in to active labor said could take hours or days but gave me choice to stay or come home I hate hospitals so came home of course but now all I can think about is I didn't ask if it was safe to go in to labor this early?? im just 35 weeks today granted I dilated early with my son early and was 1 cm for a few weeks 2 cm for a few weeks then they induced me but the nurse said that she doubts that will happen this time because sec time goes much faster! so im kinda worried its to early is it?

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