Nanny vs. Childcare

I need to start off by saying I don't use either of these because I work from home. BUT... If i did I think I would choose a Nanny. That way I'd could build a relationship with that person and I could think of them as more of a parenting partner then just someone watching my kid. I'd have more control over how my kid is raised, which is why I wanted to be a mother in the first place. I also like that the nanny could focus on just my kids. Childcare providers have to be divided by however many kids are in their room. I don't think that's a big deal for older kids, but when you have a toddler learning to potty train that one-on-one attention is critical.

The plus side to childcare is that it's generally cheaper and your kid would get a lot of socialization.

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      I've been a working mom (with flexibility but lots of time out of the house) since my first child was born. I have had nannies since the beginning and couldn't even for a second manage without one. Not only has it worked well for my children, but it's better for my marriage as well, because we don't fight about who will do laundry or make dinner or any of those things that become difficult when you have 2 parents that have careers outside the home. Although there are definitely benefits to daycare, it is not something that would ever have worked for my family.
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