Reminder to my NaNo Writers

All of you who decided to join in, this is just a friendly reminder that Nanowrimo starts today. Let me know how your word counts go!

1667 is the goal for today.

Best of luck!

    8Theresa Gould
    Good luck, everyone! My oldest daughter is participating in NaNo. I am sure she'll be up late writing....she's a night owl.
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      I haven't written yet either and it's almost midnight. There's a party tomorrow that everyone was supposed to help decorate for... I've been decorating by myself all evening, go figure. Hello, pot of coffee!
      You can still join!! Here's a wordcount recaclulator if you wanna start!… Plus there's a virtual write in on Saturday that you could attend and get past most people who have already started. Hope to see you with us!
        You could always 'pants' it and just see what story comes out of your head. It's amazing the way the characters can sometimes take control and you end up with a story you never even knew you had in you! But if you do your own month, let me know, as I'd love to do another and would be happy to write and keep you accountable. :)
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