I am so excited

But my mother...She totally killed my spirits this morning when I called her. She said "well, that's interesting..." and wasn't excited at all. She kept saying things like "Well don't get too excited yet" and "this could cost you your new job" All I could do was cry.

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      Moms can be such moodkillers. Just remember how you feel sometimes when you're friend is like LOOK AT MY SHOES! And you're like..ew.

      haha.. sorry. Everyone reacts to news differently. I'm sure she is so stoked on the inside. Maybe she's in shock? My bf's parents are very quiet (albeit wonderful and so sweet) people and didn't release any balloons at our news either. I was a little bit bummed but I was afraid that if I said anything, they would make it a point to be overly excited to accommodate me, and I didn't want that either.

      So... don't plant your seeds in her pots. That's all.. just be excited. We're all totally excited for you :)
        Congratulations!!! Moms are like that. And in-laws for that matter. My husband's mom said one word when I told her. "Good."

        I remember thinking, "Really? That's it? Good?" lol
        And my own mom had the same reaction yours did in telling me not to get excited just yet. I gave her a simple "I know, I know..." and let it go.

        It took us 4 years to get pregnant so I expected my mom's reaction.

        But don't let your mom's reaction get to you. Like Alissa said, she could just be in shock. :) And as time moves forward she'll have plenty of positive things to say. :)
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