When should a baby start crawling?

I know they say to never compare your baby to another, especially as a first time mom, but I'm kind of starting to worry a little bit. My daughter is seven months old and has zero interest in crawling. Zero interest in being on her belly for that matter. She was six weeks early so people tell me not to be too concerned, but I sort of am getting to that point.

So just a general consensus of when your little ones started crawling would be helpful. It might ease my mind some.

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      Your'e smart to not compare... the operative word here being "should"..

      My kids were late crawlers and really late walkers (walked at 17 and 19 months).. my daughter crawled at 7 isn months.. and she was the younger, so I think she just wanted to follow her brothers.. My son started around 9, 10 months.. and was never really excited about it lol.. A lot of times, for the first born, they don't really NEED to go anywhere, because we bring everything to them.. But I would encourage him, if I would go to another room to do laundry or something, I would call to him or get on the floor and play with him from around a corner, to try and encourage it..
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