Do you get along with your inlaws?

What kind of relationship do you have with your inlaws? Do you get along with them? Do they ever judge or criticize your parenting?

For the most parent I get along with my inlaws. I have had to put my foot down a few times and say, my kids my rules. I have also been learning how to walk away and not let things people say bother me.

    But its never been to the point where we have gotten into an argument. My husband always sides with me. The biggest thing that bugs me is every time they see my baby they want to feed him the food they are eating. A month ago I gave them some chips with guac. Well my mother in law that it would be cute to give my son a chip and let him suck on it. A few seconds later my son is choking on a chip. My husband ran over to the baby got the chip and yelled at his mom. It happened when I was in the kitchen so im glad my husband was there. It scared me so bad I ran over to help him and was about to cry because i was so mad at his mom.
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