have u ever felt distant with ur other?

Have you ever been with some one for a while and reach that point that u dont quite feel as connected or flowing together quite the way u used to and than just with one day or even a few days u find that bond again and it feels brand new again ,?
What made that connection happen for u again ladies ?

    We go through this at times... I've become an emotional blob since I got pregnant last year. I cry at everything. I try to take a step back and take it for what it is. I don't blame EVERYTHING on hormones, but there are definitely times that I'm making a deal when there isn't one. Or pointing a finger when I shouldn't be. Simply put there are just days that we aren't on the mark. It happens and we know we'll get back to it. I don't know if there's really a "thing" that makes it go back.. it might just be us realizing it's happening and asking each other what we can do to fix it.
      I think it's easy for this to happen as we get busy with life - the kids, work, etc. When I feel like we're starting to disconnect, I just demand a date night! Find a babysitter and tell my husband we need to get out together! Or at the very least, spend a night talking and reconnecting after the kids go to bed. As long as we keep communicating about it, we always reconnect and find our balance again.
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