Tried to go to the walk-in clinic this morning and it doesn't open till 5pm (ugh!) so I went and got a mani/pedi instead ;) Not a bad Monday morning! (It's the only morning where both my kids are at preschool) ;)

    Hope you are ok - stinks that the clinic wasn't open!! But hooray for a mani/pedi!!
    I've had an annoying pain/pressure in my upper right abdomen since last August. I've had an ultrasound, blood tests, and checked for bacterial infections. Then I was referred to an OB... nothing. My next step is a GI doctor, but I just wanted to get an x-ray first and rule out something with my ribs, seems like that's an easier step than going to a GI doctor so they can explore... I don't have a doctor anymore (insurance changes don't cover my dr anymore) so I was just hoping to go to the walk-in clinic and get it done!
      This post was an emotional rollercoaster for me, lol. The disappointment of the clinic to the excitement of the mani/pedi!
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