Will overweight moms feel the baby move?

When I was pregnant I read a lot of silly articles about how overweight moms will never feel a baby move. What in the heck? Now.. because I have a gut, I think it may have taken longer for the bf to feel kicks from the outside.

So yes, it might take a big longer to feel things on the outside, like when you put your hand on your belly, but not long by much. I was pregnant at the same time as 3 of my friends, some bigger than me, some smaller than me and we all reached that point within a few weeks of each other. It's like every thing else during pregnancy. We all go through things at different times. And trust me, when that baby starts kicking south, you'll wish these overweight rumors were true :)

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    lol, I agree. And what is it with the low kicking? Everyone wants to feel the baby kick, I think, "That's probably inappropriate, Grandma."
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