Why is my mother reverse nesting?

So... I said it before that my mom just moved up here but this is nothing new. Why.. why dear God in heaven why.. does she try to give me stuff every single time I visit? I appreciate it, don't misunderstand me. I am so thankful, but I insist on my house not looking cluttered. It will not look like a furniture store, or a garage sale either. My house is exactly how I want it to be. And I've made it very clear to her that if she buys anything for Charlie that's fine, but it will stay at her house.

So.. because I'm visiting and working from her place this afternoon, can anyone tell me why there are 3 bags of groceries that I did not buy sitting by my purse? LOL help me!!

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    lol don't encourage her Kim Haiduke it's driving me insane!

    Typical conversation.. are you ready?

    Mom: Are you hungry?
    Me: Nope, already had lunch.
    Mom: Because I made some extra.
    Me: Nah thanks I'm good.
    Mom: Do you eat these pasta things? I don't eat them but they were on sale.
    Me: Why did you buy them if you don't eat them?
    Mom: Because they were on sale.
    Mom: I found this old vase do you want it?
    Me: Nope, doesn't match anything in my house.
    Mom: It was on sale.
    Me: Stop going to sales.

    lol it's so much more funny to me as I'm writing it out but seriously.. it's driving me insane!
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    Oh you're just cute. Take her on vacation. I can't take her anywhere. I took her to a Mexican restaurant for lunch the other day.. ready?

    Mom: I want tacos.
    Me: Okay, tell the waitress.
    Mom: I want those tacos that you dip in cheese.
    Me:..... what?
    Mom: You know.. that melting cheese stuff.
    Me: Do you mean nachos? Little triangle things?
    Mom: Yeah.. tacos.
    Me to the waitress: She'll have an order of plain nachos.
    Mom: I want the melty cheese.
    Me: They don't make melty cheese, they're a real Mexican restaurant they don't have velveeta.
    Mom: Oh okay, just whatever you have is fine.
    *mom gets nachos.. tells waitress everything looks wonderful...waitress leaves*
    Mom: Why isn't my cheese melty?

    .... YOU take her on vacation Kim Haiduke!!
      I have to go see an oral surgeon tomorrow. She saw my post on facebook about it and the second I walk into her house she's all over me about wanting to help with the bill. I don't have insurance so I'll make payments and just make it work. I had to get a bit stern with her and I really hate that. But I'm 34. I have no insurance because I'm choosing to be a stay at home mom. Just one more sacrifice I'm choosing to make. It's no big deal. I love her for trying.. but Christ woman! LOL
        My mom is like that. She lives four hours away, and she literally LOADS her minivan up to come visit us, and brings a bunch of junk food, although we try to keep a lot of that stuff out of our house on purpose. And she buys half of Maddie's wardrobe. I know she means well, but we can feed and clothe our baby, honestly!

        And sometimes she says she doesn't have enough money to come visit. I say, "Mom, we can pay your tolls and gas if you want," and she says something non-committal, but I'd bet it's because she doesn't have enough junk to stuff in that van!
          Tish I bet that's exactly what's going on! hahahahaha omg I'm laughing so hard at that. I must make sure my minivan is full!

          Debi that is an AWESOME idea! You have no idea how many beanies and booties.. oh dear God. I live in Montana, yes, but Charlie doesn't just go hanging out outside. No joke, we visited at Thanksgiving because Charlie was due on Christmas Eve and we knew we wouldn't be able to visit again before that. She gave me a box with "a few things she knitted".. There were 42 beanies.. FORTY TWO BEANIES!... like 6 pairs of booties and I lost count of how many pot holders. Who needs that many potholders?!?!

          lol argh. I know I sound so ungrateful and I'm not trying to be one of these "Hey look at me I'm an adult" type people.. It's just frustrating.. It's like I said, I don't want my house getting cluttered. I can't even shut the pot holder drawer. But maybe focusing those efforts on the senior center would work out for everyone :)
            I tell her that if she's got money burning a hole in her pocket, to just start an account for Charlie. There can never be too many people or too much money planning for his future. I don't make much money so any help there is great. But if not that's okay too. I just don't want her stressing out thinking that she's not doing enough. Her being in Charlie's life is enough and you're right, another face at the senior center is always a good thing for everyone involved :)
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