What makes your world spin?

What is it that you find that most motivates you ? What makes your day worth every little thing you may incounter ? For me it's my son. I feel like I have a lot of weight on my shoulders and I find the way to get my strength up to grasp it in my hands is seeing how happy my son is. How even though we aren't well off we still laugh and play and smile and most importantly we love. That even though we don't have a lot of things or sometimes even have to pickup extra hours at work just to make sure the rent gets paid all my son still gets excited when I walk through the door. How he drops his toys to run and hug me while yelling "mommy your home !!++??". He's always so surprised and happy that even though I've been gone all day I still came home to him. I know that their are many people out there that doesn't always make it home and for that I'm thankful for what I have. My family. What keeps you going ? What are you thankful for ? And send out prayers for those that had someone not come home

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I am currently a wife and a mother of one. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with a second child. I was on the depo shot but am no longer on any kind birth control. The doctors said it might be hard to conceive again due to my -blood type.