Parenting Teens: their first car

Will you be buying your teenagers first car? Will you expect that they will buy their own? Will you have them pay for their insurance or is this a cost you anticipate covering? Are you breaking out into a cold sweat right now thinking of your child being driving age? LOL

    So mean, Melissa! Do you know how old I'll be then??

    But parents bought my two younger brothers cars, but not me. I am eight and ten years older than my brothers, so maybe they just couldn't afford it back then. I do know it made both my parents' lives and my brothers' lives sooo much easier, as they live in a city without adequate public transportation. I remember trying to take busses to get to my part time was tough.

    So maybe I will think about being pro-car, but with strong reservations toward making sure my child both appreciates and deserves the privilege.
    Thank goodness for schools that still have Drivers Ed! It's the worst that these valuable programs are being cut from so many curriculums across the US.

    Does your daughter do a lot of extracurriculars, or have a job? That's what really got to me--I had to limit my activities because I couldn't physically get there without my mom loading two babies into her minivan to take me.
      8Theresa Gould
      No we won't be buying our teens first car. My husband had to pay for his first car and I didn't own a car until I got married. Our children will have the use of our vehicles, paying for any gas they use for personal use.
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