Parenting teens: college expenses

Do you anticipate paying for all or some of your child's higher education costs? Will you allow them to live at home and go to school and if so will they be required to pay rent? Are you saving for those days now or are you expecting that scholarships, student loans and financial aid will be utilized? Did anyone help you pay for school?

    I took out loans that my parents cosigned, but I (or we, including my husband) are currently paying for my school debt. My husband's parents, to contrast, paid for his bachelors, and his brother's and sister's, too. They then paid for any additional education.

    We are currently saving, with the help of some family members, and we hope to be able to cover our daughter's bachelors. We will probably lean toward making her live on campus, as our experiences show better results that way (growing up, attending classes, so on).
    I do wonder, though--are we ever going to be able to save enough to cover it entirely? Probably not, unfortunately. We haven't talked about what happens then, but I could see us shouldering the debt.
      8Theresa Gould
      My husband and I paid for our college so we are of the mind that any children wanting to go to college will be applying for financial aid, etc. and working to pay for it themselves.
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