Happy Monday!

Or, happy end-of-Monday, I should say. By this point, Monday is mostly over, so if your day was unpleasant, tomorrow will be here soon! My Monday has been uneventful, but this past weekend was interesting. My husband and I set the goal to search for a new couch, and we found one, which is great—so great that I posted it immediately! I’m happy we found a good value quickly—we shopped at a locally-owned store, and I think sometimes going local gives you better service.

After we got home, I was searching for recipes to use a pound of crab meat, because it was on sale at the grocery store last Friday. I settled on a Crabby Macaroni and Cheese, found a recipe, adopted it to our pantry, and then…my daughter took a late nap, so my husband made it, lol. Could that really get any better? It was pretty tasty too! The original recipe called for only half a pound of crab and some specific cheeses, and we ended up using Safeway’s taco mix cheese and a pound of crab. In the future, I’d add Old Bay before baking, but other than that, it was really tasty, and made for great leftovers. I actually had the end of it today for lunch. I like leftovers lunch way better than sandwich lunch!

How was your weekend? :)

    8Theresa Gould
    Our weekend was both productive (planted trays of veggies on Saturday) and relaxing (Sunday) .
      Our weekend was great! Went to my brothers couples shower which was interesting to have the groom to be there the entire time!
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