Mother's Day for the Grandmas

I think I know what I'm getting my mom--a personalized Yankee Candle with Maddie's picture on it. I read in their catalog that if you order by May 2nd (this Wednesday), it will be ready for Mother's Day. My mom is a candle fiend, so I think that would work out well. I'm not sure about my husband's mother, though--she's very tricky to purchase presents for. No clothes or jewelry or candles. Her hobby is birding, but she's been doing that for a few years, so I think we've inundated her with bird chotchkies of all varieties. And she bakes wonderfully and is all-around self-sufficient, so she's the worst to buy a present for, lol. If anyone has an idea, let me know!

    8Theresa Gould
    I love the idea of a personalized candle with a photo on it. What a great Mother's Day gift.
      This is really a neat idea! thanks for sharing!
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