the results are in..

and im not pregnant, not that we were acually trying but it was a definally a possiablity, i did get excited at the thought, but im alright with the result(: my period showed up a day earlier than i had expected. so there was no need for a HPT what so ever. i do have a question my cycle varies month to month 27 days, 29 days and sometimes 28 days, when your calcuating your ovulation and your periods are like this, does it make a diffrence if its off by a day?

Nikki Hicks
    My cycle (when I had it) was like this, so I think it's important to leave an extra "cushion" day at the beginning and end of when you could possibly ovulate to leave room for variation. If you're trying to avoid pregnancy, abstain on those days. If you're trying for pregnancy, be sure to have intercourse on those days too.
      8Theresa Gould
      No, there is still a high chance of getting pregnant 3-4 days before and after you ovulate. Give or take a day. Sorry you didn't turn out to be pregnant. :(
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