Ways to show I love my baby boy

I show my baby boys the same love I show my baby girls. I hold them, sing to them, talk to them, rock them, hug and kiss them. I also read to them, cuddle and take great care of them.

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    Sounds Good, My little Noey (Noah) my only son and I have always had a close bond, when he was younger I used to always let him ride on my shoulders, he loved being up high, he is all boy, he loves watching Nascar racing and this was when he was only 2, every time we would go to meijers grocers he would try to get me to buy him a hotwheels type car and he would go through every car one by one until he found the one he liked. He loved to ride on the wheeeeee!!!!! (the slide) and would go ballistic; if whenever we were at the mall, if I would even to attempt to enter a Victoria's Secret, Noah's pretty natural he loves to squish bugs, eat with his hands and then be rocked to sleep at night, and he always says "mommie you're beautiful"!
    Oh I said all that to say that Noey's so easy to love he shows me how everyday!
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