I use to love sitting outside watching a good storm on the porch. Found it very relaxing. However, ever since I moved to tn my heart stays in .y stomach and it remains I. Knots when storms come through. I became the tequila bottle drinker in the bathtub and would camp out in there for hours. I remember people would call me and tell me the storm passed and I would still stay in the tub. Since having kids that scared pansy side of me has to stay hidden as I pretend to be strong for the kids. Drinking a bottle of tequila is no longer an option for me as I hold and Comfort the kids. All I can do is pretend I am not scared.

What about you guys do storms scare you or are you a watch the storm from the window type?

    8Theresa Gould
    I tend to go about my day unless my husband tells us to get downstairs. My husband and children are the storm watchers.
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