Cutting Teeth.

My baby girl has been cutting teeth for a while. I use the normal teething medicine you get in stores. My in laws told me to get a silver dime and punch a hole in it and put it around her neck, like a necklace. Its one of those old remedies you hear old people talk about. Does anyone else have any more home remedies they use for teething? I have also tried freezing a wash cloth and letting her chew on it. She does not like it at all.

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yeah, we actually tried it today. I really have seen a difference with her today. She has been really fussy the last couple days but today she's been in a good mood and playful and she's had the siver dime on her neck all day
    i got my father in law to punch the hole in it-so i have no clue how he did it....but i relly have seen a difference since she's been wearing it
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