need help potty training my three year old boy.

we have started to potty train our son but seem to be having a difficult time. Any suggestions on how to train or to get him to let us know when he needs to go if greatly appreciated.

    what i did works at first i went to the store to buy him the potty train toilet i took him with me..then i bought him i would take his diaper out and i would go to the bathroom with him and i would sit on the toilet and i would push and make funny faces and he would think it was funny .so he would do it..only for puppy...when is was to go pee my husband would take him and show him and tell him look this is how boys do it....then every time he would go and try i would give him a sticker,he would love that...then at night i would put him a a week from there he would go potty him self and i would be with him and i would sing to him "yay you did it you did it you did it yay" they love that..then i would not give him any water or nothing liquid 2 hours before he went to sleep so he wounldt pee at night....hope that helps :]
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