Prayers for my poor jaw please :(

So.. a few weeks ago my jaw started hurting. I knew right away that it was my wisdom tooth. Off and on it's been bugging but never this bad. The whole right side of my face has been hurting for a few days now. The dentist office I called said they couldn't see me until next month.. which I guess was better than nothing but I was really happy when they called today with a cancellation and can see me tomorrow. When I was 17 I got 2 of them pulled on my left side. They put me under, had me hopped up on pain killers for weeks, I had to have supervision a lot because I was in a daze for a while. So.. I'm guessing tomorrow's appointment is just maybe looking at stuff to see what's up. Since I'm a stay at home mom and only work a few hours a day, I don't have insurance (I've always yelled at people who didn't have insurance and I really bug myself for not having it).

Anyway.. there is nothing more scary to me than the dentist. I have always been so dang nervous and can't calm down. But this hurts so bad that I have no choice. So, if you're praying people I could really use some prayers. Have a wonderful evening everyone.

    The dentist can be scary can wisdom tooth extraction. But if it must be done then I wish you the best! I will keep you in my prayers!
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