Looking for mom's who would like a spotlight!!

Okay I am looking for some mommies that would like to have a Spotlight spread in my blog. I have a lot of blog views so if you're not comfortable sharing pics, info and stuff like that then this probably isn't for you. However, it's a very positive thing! I basically want to congratulate you on your efforts of being a mom and you'll be a star for mother's day! Should be really fun and would spice things up a bit!

The interview would be a picture, a mini bio and some questions (some are a little personal but remember I am going to shed a positive light) I will give you deadline and you must complete it and send your things in before or will have to go with someone else.

So here are the mom's that I am searching for. If you aren't this mommy, that's okay! You're wonderful too! But if you know of someone, that is this mom, please send them my way.

1. An expecting mother- You have to be expecting even AFTER mother's day to qualify. Because I believe you should get recognition and being expecting with your first baby.

2.A brand spanking new mom, like just a baby less than 3 weeks ago!

3. A teen mom - This can be someone who WAS a teen mother or who IS a teen mother

4. A single mom- What I am looking for is a mother that is doing ABSOLUTELY EVERTHING on her own. Daddy is out of picture and no child support or addition income.

5. A mother that has suffered a loss, I am also willing to accept a mother who went 25 weeks+ in her pregnancy and lost or miscarried the baby.

6. A woman who is trying to conceive, because she too deserves a Happy Mother's Day so she has the empowerment to keep going!

7. Looking for a mother who gave their baby up for adoption. Closed or open is fine.

Please message me if you are interested. Basically first come first serve. Let me know if you qualify for more than one. And remember this is for women to get recognition and to be reminded of how beautiful they are! You will also see the draft of your post before I publish it so that we don't have any problems later on.

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