Updates on Life...

Trevor graduated from all of his Navy Training/Schooling today (yay!) and he finally got a call from his sponsor (essentially his mentor-to-be who's currently out on their ship)...

We're not sure what day, but he will be flown out to his ship's fleet...It might be once his 2ish weeks of Leave are up, or maybe even before-hand. Hopefully it's after, that way we can spend at least a couple more weeks together before he's gone for 6+ months on a ship!

It was sad news that kinda darkened the free feeling of having graduated and being able to leave this shitty base, but we both kinda knew it would be this way...we were just hoping they'd let him stay at the new base as shore duty until the ship and its fleet returned and just have him deploy next time, but we sorta already knew in our hearts it would be this way.

    Morgan...sorry you are feeling this way ... but life will brighten up soon!
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