Drink Ideas?

Tomorrow I am throwing a Halloween party. (A little late, but 50% off!) I have this 3 gallon decanter and I was wondering if anyone has an idea for a Halloween drink that would look cool but not overly alcoholic since there will be other drinks as well.

What are some good dark juices that mix well? Or other ideas?​

    This is going to sound extremely strange but it tastes better than you expect.

    Make a gallon of strawberry koolaid, a gallon of watermelon koolaid, Mix with two or three 2 liters of Coca Cola. If you want to you could add Jack Daniels or Captain Morgans.
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    The easiest way to cut it down is to make a half gallon of Koolaid and just mix together a packet of watermelon and a packet of strawberry. Pour a half glass of koolaid and top it off with cola. If you like it than make a bigger batch of it mixed together.
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      My thoughts too! We went with some cranberry jello for part of the stuff and grape juice in the decanter.
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