Confusion, Frustration, and Sadness!!

Good Morning ! Need to hear some opinions on this one guys...... So my fiance has been agreeing with me for quite a few weeks now about the concept of having another baby! Now,after him discussing in detail with HIS MOTHER, she decided to call me and inform me that she is not trying to hurt my feelings, but he told her that he doesn't want anymore children! I know he's a very private person when it comes to his personal life, so I tried to brush her comment off. After having tried for about a week I couldn't I have since spoken with him and he hasn't actually said that to me directly! ** The most confusing part is we have been having sex since before the start of 2014, unknowingly with no birth control at all (due to IUD expulsion). Since we found out that the IUD was not there, we have been having sex at least 1x daily and no monthly menstrual cycle yet...... The most difficult part to wrap my thoughts around is that idk my actual ovulation days because my body has been readjusting since many years of no period due to to the IUD! I just want to be a mommy again.... and now I am seriously wondering if it will happen! My boyfriend tells me that if is meant to happen it will otherwise don't stress over it ! Easier said than done......

    well I have discussed all of this with him and we both have agreed that everyone has there own opinion on it, but yes it is between the 2 of us and yes he does seem to be ready because we have condoms on hand and have also discussed going back to the OBGYN for another form of protection and he says that it is not necessary right now! I am just overreacting as usual probably, and creating my own stress lol. Definitely looking into this charting, seems to just be a huge hit and a miss lately, determined to figure this out!
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