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I use a tiny food processor. I don't like cleaning my blender so I don't use it much if I don't have to. My food processor is so small it only holds one cup so it is perfect size for making baby food. I mix some of the home made stuff with some of the purees that we get at the store and some baby oatmeal. It makes a baby food that has several different textures mixed together. Baby likes it. ​

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    We got just a regular small food processor. I think my husband spent like $20 on the food processor when he got the food dehydrator last winter to make deer jerky. Money has been really tight with me not working the last 8 months so I decided to try it. I had the food processor and the frozen veggies so I tried carrots initially. It worked well. I have done carrots, green beans, peas, and a little white corn. The corn was more of an experiment to see what it would do and how it would turn out. I have it in the freezer. I don't intend on giving her corn until she is a bit older and able to eat meats. I know corn isn't the easiest to digest and baby has a sensitive stomach.
    TIP: When you buy purees buy the glass jars and clean them up when they are empty and use them to put the home made stuff into. Just don't fill them to the very top if you are going to freeze them. I take the labels off the jars and use a sharpie to write on the jars what is in them though I know just by looking at it. Green beans look different than peas after going through the food processor.

    For the home made stuff I just use frozen veggies. Green beans, carrots, peas. I just thaw them in the microwave than cook them for a minute or so in the microwave and put them in the food processor and get them chopped up really well and add water as needed to get them to chop up and mix well. The store bought purees that I get are sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, peas, mixed veggies, and sometimes the broccoli and carrots with cheese. I also get her jars of bananas but I don't typically feed those like a food. I make a bottle like regular than pour about an ounce of bananas into the bottle and shake it all up and let her have it in her bottle for breakfast or sometimes as her bed time bottle.

    I just put a little bit of baby oatmeal in the bottom of the bowl, a little of whatever puree I want to use in on top, then one or two of the homemade baby foods and mix it all up really well and warm it up a tiny bit in the microwave so it isn't cold. Baby will also eat bread, pancakes, or malt 0 meal. The biggest problem with using the food processor is that sometimes if you don't get it full enough or you get it too full or don't get enough water it will leave some bigger chunks because it won't mix as well as it otherwise would.
      Take my advice with a grain of salt. I am no expert. I am just a foodie. I know I would get bored eating single flavored purees all the time so I try to add textures and flavors. The other day I took a piece of bread and put a little bit of broth from my potato soup on it and fed it to my 7 mo old. She loved it. I also know that if you give a baby too much of the baby rice they will become constipated. I had that problem with my oldest so I am trying to only use the rice in bottles and oatmeal or instant potato flakes in the baby foods.

      I got an odd look from the dietitian at my last WIC appointment a few months ago when I told her that I was adding about a tsp of baby rice to baby's bottles because it helps her keep it down. She doesn't spit up as much. I got an even stranger look from her when I said that I sometimes like to pour a little bit of banana purees in with her formula as a treat to get her stomach used to the idea of having food other than just formula.
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