Potty Training

Apparently I forgot how to potty train a girl. My 2 year old is being an absolute pain about it. She did great yesterday until she peed on daddy. :/ She didn't like that at all and refused to put underwear on afterwards and I had to talk her into it today. I can't keep enough cloth diapers clean to keep her and the baby in diapers and buying more or disposables is not an option.
On the plus side, my 4 year old went three nights with dry underwear.
And a question to the cloth diapering mommas.. When you stripped the cloth last time did you get more gunk out of the inserts than the covers? My inserts were absolutely filthy (my poor girls!!) and the covers, barely any soap suds after boiling. I need a clothesline!!!

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    Yeah that does make sense. I'm no firing on all cylinders this week, I think I caught a cold. :)
      Thanks for the tag Linda! Yes, inserts are usually worse depending on what kind of diapers and inserts you use. Remember that inserts are what is holding everything, the covers really are just there to keep the insert off their skin (if you are stuffing) and to keep their clothes dry - inserts do all the heavy duty (or doodie - sorry, couldn't resist at least one poop joke) work.

      What kind of diapers are you using? If you switch to natural fibers, you'll find those hold less yuck.
        I have Kawaii diapers. I'm honestly not sure if I've ever stripped them like this in the 2 years since we got them. I know I've poured boiling water into the washing machine, but not sure I've boiled them. My two year old had an outbreak of boils and this was the first time I haven't been able to put her in disposables right away until they healed. Had to boil to get the virus out.
        ..Another reason I'm adamant about potty training her, I don't want her to have more problems with those poor thing.
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