What Your Star Sign Says About Your Parenting Style

I love to read my horoscope so when I saw this article I had to check it out. I am a Sagittarius and I felt that parts of mine were pretty accurate. What say you? Do the stars get your parenting style right?

    I don't think so.. at all.. I'm a Gemini.. and it says that I can become a type A personality with mom hood and go organic and micro manage..

    NOPE... I AM routined.. and I like that.. and we are healthy.. but we also aren't over the top..

    I would say I'ma cross between this and libra.. very connected with my kids. I play the wii and board games and bake cookies, but also have rules they need to abide by.. homework time, reading, cleaning up..

    Can I be a mix??? LOL.
      I'm a Virgo and... NAILED IT. I am so OCD in so many places in my life, but parenting is not one of them!
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