Christmas Time :)

How many of you are done with Christmas shopping already? Or is that just me?! I finished all of my shopping for my son today. It feels nice to be ready for the holidays. All I have to do is wrap it all, but I have time for that! Do you all start early like me, or are you a last min kind of shopper like my parents? I am a gift person, I love it. I do Birthdays, all Holidays, any time I can lol I always buy things all year long and stock up for people. I am not sure if that is good or bad. :) ​

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      I am a gift person but I don't like to hold on to them because I end up missplacing them than finding them after the event is past so I give people gifts for no reason other than that I was "window shopping" and seen something and thought it was perfect for someone and got it.

      I haven't even started with Christmas gifts for this year. We are probably going to do like last year and do stocking stuffers for everybody. It is what we can afford. Last year we got our oldest a barbie, a couple of hot wheels cars, and a couple other dollar store toys. She loved it. I am thinking this year about getting her a couple more hot wheels cars and probably a couple of dinosaurs instead of the barbie or other animals of some kind.
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