Spicy marinade

I don't know if any of you like your mouth to be on fire when you get done eating something but here is a marinade that the hubby has used twice in the last week and we really like. He used it for deer steaks first and he cooked that than he used it for butterfly chops and I cooked that. With the deer he just dumped the marinade bag in the skillet and cooked it till the meat was done than put the marinade and meat in a container together so the meat could absorb the marinade some more. When I cooked the chops I got the chops done than turned the heat down and simmered the marinate until it basically became the consistency of bbq sauce. As it simmered I stirred it a bit and put it on top of the chops and flipped the chops occasionally. Made a mess of the skillet but it washes.

The hubby doesn't measure when doing marinades. He just dumps. He put the meat in a marinade bag than poured in some soy sauce, some Worcestershire sauce, and some of the HOT sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings. The longer you let it marinade the better. ​

I had been eating a lot of plain pasta with just a tiny bit of butter, salt, and pepper for the last two weeks before he made the deer steaks so after eating the deer my mouth was on fire than for a couple hours after that my stomach was on fire. Good thing I didn't belch. It would have come out as fire but that is okay. It tasted great.

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