Night mares/ terrors

So my little guy has been waking up since he was really young with what I believe are night mares or terrors. It happens a lot when I am not laying next to him. I'm not sure if its a separation thing or what. He is VERY attached to his mommy. But he is also teething. He woke me up 4 times last night cry and I couldn't get him to stop. The weird thing is he is usually asleep when he is crying. Sometimes the only way to get it to stop is nursing and rocking him in my arms. Anyone else have this problem?

    Oh poor baby.. poor you.. 6 months?

    I remember going through a time with both my kids where I swear they were having awful dreams.. and I would do the same thing.. nurse them down.. or rock them.. I was told that when they are about 6, 7 months, their whole world is bigger.. they're reaching milestones every day.. and sometimes that can make them scared or they may just have big dreams..

    If it' doesn't pass in a few weeks. or get better. I would call your Doc just to check in..
      Poor sweet boy. Like people are saying, I would keep on doing what you're doing and hope that it stops soon. Mason has night terrors sometimes, and it's still hard to deal with them now that he's older. Even after we wake him up and remind him that everything is OK and we are nearby, he has a hard time separating his very vivid dreams from reality. Sometimes all you can do is be there as support and encouragement to let your baby know that you are protecting them.
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