First Bladder Infection in my 7 year old little girl :(

Poor baby... I knew something was coming on, when she told me the day before yesterday it stung a little to go pee pee.. but then she didn't mention it.. and then last night.. she couldn't stop getting up to go potty.. but nothing was there.. that pressure feeling and pain and discomfort.. broke my heart.. poor thing.

I wondered if we were going to be able to get through the night.. I have had bladder infections and they are NO fun and I don't think I've been able to make it through the night...

I gave her some motrin, benadryl in hopes to calm her down a little and help with any agitation.. and she feel asleep.. she was up every 2 hours and slept with me, and this morning we are headed to the Doctors..

I texted all my friends with girls.. hoping to find some miraculous home remedy.. lol.. but nada...

    Cranberry juice does good things for UTIs.... I wonder if it would work for a bladder infection as well???
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