hospital bag

what things did you put in your bag?!
What was more useful!?
What did you wish that you have taken that you didn't ?
What clothes you took to put your baby in from the hospital !?
Do you think little wanzy thingy is easier to put on , on the baby the pands or dress !?

    CHAPSTICK and lotion. DO NOT FORGET THEM. The air in the hospital was so dry. I'd also bring some nice shampoo and soap because the shower you take will probably be one of the best showers of your life - even if the shower at the hospital sucks - and it's nice to take it up to the next level with products you know and love.
      Chapstick for sure!!!

      I packed way too much. I was in the hospital for 5 days and didn't even touch my bag except for when I grabbed my bathroom bag out of it. Our hospital provided everything I needed.

      I brought my own shampoo & conditioner because I don't have the type of hair that would do well on the stuff that hospitals and hotels provide.

      Phone charger (or camera charger).

      An outfit for your little one to leave the hospital in.

      An outfit for daddy to go home in.

      An outfit for you YOU to leave in..haha.

      DEODERANT.. OMG. I cannot stress this enough.

      The hospital will give you some giant monster pads for after your delivery. USE THEM. And, you're paying for all of this in the end. Don't be afraid to take as much as you want from the hospital. My bill was over $20 thousand dollars. Yes, I took the pads with me.

      The baby book if you want your doctor or nurses to sign it.
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