Raising a biracial child.

First I just want to say that I LOVE it that this is a topic on here because it is something that should be talked about...and I am thankful that I get to :-)
As someone who is respectful of all races, religions, sex, age, cultures it is hard for me to believe that this is even a thing. But it is. And has much as I hate it, my son fits into a category...a word that I had always disliked defines him before anyone even knows who he is...my son is biracial. I had always thought that I would raise my child as a person who doesn't see race. But this is not possible. The reality of this hit me not long ago when my little family was out walking and this truck drove by us and the kids in the back of the truck started yelling "Cool! Black people, so cool, look Dad, black people!" Me and my husband chuckled about this, but it got me thinking.
My hatred of a term...a word, had made me so focused on wanting to raise my child to not see color that I forgot the world around him will always see it and it is my job to teach him how to respond...not teach him to ignore.
It also made me realize that I was fighting the wrong fight. I don't want a world that doesn't see my son for who he is...color and all. I want a world that doesn't judge him based on it. The best support you can give us Mamma's of biracial kids is to ask us about them...we are not ashamed. We like to talk about our babies...race and all. Realize that we probably face a few different challenges from you, let us talk about it even if you don't understand it. My son is half black and half white...it is what he is, not who he is.

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    Absolutely.. Amen..

    I HATE when people say things like, "I don't see black.. or I don't see hispanic".. I think that's disrespectful.. SEE their color, race, religion and acknowledge it .. as it IS a part of them.. of who they are.. and then like you said.. do NOT judge someone based on that..

    I'm white and Irish.. very Irish.. lol.. I'm proud of that.. I don't expect people to come up to me and say "Wow.. neat.. "... But I also know that my good friends? We are aware of each other's heritage.. or race or ethnicity.. and I love my diverse group of friends.

    But being Irish is something that helps make me who I am.. SO like you said,.. don't ignore color or race.. embrace it.. embrace their whole being..
    We have been so taught to be "color blind" but to me it is like refusing to fully accept someone for who they are. I for one talk about my sons skin time all the time...mostly because I am jealous of it! Lol
      Very well said!!! My husband is Mexican, and I am as white girl as they come (like seriously, think Caspar the ghost white). All 3 of our kids have different shades of skin and so it's very easy for us to teach the lesson that color doesn't matter, but what's more difficult is teaching them - and myself still! - how to respond to the comments and looks we get in public sometimes. When I am out and about with my kids I often get asked which are mine, which are adopted, if I'm a nanny, etc. I also often stand and watch people stumble over their words as they try to ask what ethnicity their father is - I've even been asked "do they all have the same daddy?" My kids have gorgeous skin, that most clearly didn't come from my gene pool. That doesn't mean they are any less mine or that it needs to be an awkward conversation to find out where that color DID come from. Color is real. People don't "not see it" so don't pretend you don't. But don't be silly about it, if you are curious where the color came from just ask and then move on!
      Oh I feel you on the white girl. My sister teases me that I glow in the dark and the sad part is that I do! Lol
      We've become so politically correct that instead of teaching people how to ask questions the right way we have scared them into not asking, so they just stare. Which is NOT better! Lol
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