GAGGLE of Mean Girls..

Apparently, my son was walking by a group of girls yesterday and one said out loud so that he could hear her, "He is so weird and annoying"...

This hot my son around bed time.. to which he asked me if he was weird and annoying.. and why would they say that and then he want on a downward spiral telling me other kids have said this and he's heard other kids whisper..mostly girls..

Hmphh.. After watching my son's 9 year old red face.. it broke my heart.. He's in 4th grade and beginning that awkward self aware stage.. and I reminded him.. that SO IS EVERY ONE ELSE...

And that girls can be the meanest of them all.. and that chances are.. they're saying that so you don't find out they actually LIKE you.. and if people are spending their recess talking about YOU? Sweet..

I gave him some tools.. I told him if he hears that again, he should look at the grow and cross his eyes or doing something ridiculous and joke and say "What? THIS? This is annoying" and then laugh like you don't care and walk away..

It's tough watching this happen.. but we all have to go through it.. this isn't bullying this is just ... snotty girls.. and it's going to happen again and again..

Haters gonna hate.. He felt great this morning after we talked and laughed last night about it all.. (phew).. and I reminded him, "People are going to say things forever.. you are adored and loved but the people that matter. "..

I hipe he can learn to not sweat this type of stuff... Or I'm going to have to go mean girls on them :)

    Sounds like you did a great job reminding him about the reasons he should be confident and giving him some appropriate ways to throw it right back in their faces. It sucks that kids are so nasty, and it makes me nervous for what we will have to deal with in the years to come! Well done mama!
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