Preschool? how early?

So I am hearing through the mom grapevine that you need to start the pre-school search process pretty early these days. I guess demand is high and it can be hard to get in! Which it is crazy to me to have to think about this as holly is only 13 months old. moms of pre schoolers, what was the process like for you? did you have to start early?

    When we wanted to put Mason in daycare, the wait list was over a year... as in I had to apply before I even knew I was pregnant with him (I didn't). Thankfully, we got into a daycare we really liked and it wasn't a problem - our first choice called shortly after he turned 1 to let us know they had a spot but at that point I was a stay at home mom.

    When I started working from home, we casually looked into preschools. Mason was able to start immediately the day after we found a place we liked and he and Audrey have been there since. We just moved and that preschool is pretty far away now, so we are going to begin the search again shortly. Mason starts kindergarten next year so there is no need for care for him, but I would love to find a place that the girls could go to part time.
      We are in LA and yes.. the demand was high and every one wanted the "good" pre-schools.. which in all honesty to me.. were way over priced and didn't seem any better than the others.. I looked at a lot.. and they all seemed.. eh..

      I went with a lutheran church pre-school... I signed her up about 6 months in advance just because I was there and knew that's where I wanted to be and also knew I wanted to wait 6 more months..

      Depends on your city and needs.. But the private ones and the popular ones.. seem to be the ones with the waiting list.. but weren't nearly as good as what I found :)
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