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I have a question that is blowing my mind away. I am a new mother of a lil baby boy name Austin and I am with his father we are suppose to be getting married next year. However i am going threw an issue i am not sure if it is part of the many changes we go threw after pregnancy. My sex strive is high i am attracted to other guys i am curious of other guys but i am disinterested in my own personal relationship and not so sexually attracted to my partner why could this be?​

    I am still pregnant, but I actually feel more attracted to my husband through the pregnancy. Could be a postpartum thing you are going through. It is hard though, especially if you are the more "excited" one in the relationship. My husband isn't nearly as curious and adventurous as I am and it has put a lot of strain on our relationship before. He is very strict and straightforward that way, I'm very experimental and willing. During one of our more difficult periods I actually did lose interest and became involved with a friend for one night. I told my husband, we talked a lot, and then we decided to talk about if we wanted a future together or not. Then we started trying, got married, and got pregnant. **Will not work in many relationships, just telling it how it went.**
      Thank You Lauren for sharing your story. I am honestly being pulled by both areas i love my partner but this other guy makes me feel so good. We haven't been together sexually me and the other guy at all. I don't want it to get to that point i don't know if i should break off my relationship until my feelings are in order until i am sure of how i feel? I do not want to cheat it feels super horrible.
      It may help to actually discuss your feelings with your partner, get it all out in the open and try to find ways to spice up your relationship and fall in love all over again. I try my best to keep an open, honest relationship with my husband about any lingering feelings for other I might have. It does hurt him, but he is thankful to know they are there, and to know I haven't/won't act on them, and it can be an incentive to pay a bit more attention to the relationship.
        Lauren that's what i am going to attempt to do tomorrow speak with him about our relationship and my feelings. I have been avoiding it because it is such a difficult conversation to have. I Know he works a lot of hours and he is very tired and he tries to do the best he can with the time he has but we barely spend time together and with a child the gap between us feels so big and the relationship is dry.
          This sounds so similar to what I've been going through lately. After having my son I wasn't sexy at all. It made me uncomfortable and I asked my husband to wait until I came to him for sex. He waited and we eventually picked back up but not as much. I made a drunken mistake one night and it made us realize that I'm not as interested in our sex life anymore and we needed to spice things up to bring back the excitement. We're still working on it but right now we're keeping up with telling each other how we feel and trying out new things in the bedroom. I should have never been afraid to tell my husband what I wanted from him and since I didn't say anything it turned into a huge issue. My advice is to be more open about what you want and try new things together. Good luck.
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            dina delvalle, did you ever resolve things with your partner?
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