6 months pregnant and feeling lot of pressure on bladder

It is very common to feel a lot of pressure on your bladder during pregnancy. There are a few things you can do to relieve the pressure and reduce the discomfort.

- Kegel exercises - they strengthen your pelvic floor and your muscles

- Pelvic tilts - get on all fours and do pelvic tilts, not only is it good for your back and pelvis but it can reduce the pressure on your bladder.

- Frequent position changes - changing your position often can help shift where the baby is sitting in your pelvis

- Drink plenty of water

- Make sure you urinate when you feel the urge, do not try to hold it.

- Empty your bladder completely when you urinate.

Pressure on your bladder is a normal and annoying symptom of pregnancy. If you experience any pain, burning or difficulty urinating you need to contact your doctor.

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    I found that emptying my bladder completely was sometimes tough depending on where the baby was sitting. Sometimes it would help to just gently rock some while going to help move the baby around some and put the pressure different places.
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