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I have a 16 week old son who is roughly 12lbs 11oz. He was EBF until a couple weeks ago when I began supplementing. He nursed wonderfully until he was 7 weeks old. He then began crying during nursing sessions. He grunts, strains, arches his back, and cries in pain. Sometimes it sounds like he's gulping and choking. I tried everything. I thought maybe he had a sore in his mouth or a tummy ache. I cut everything out of my diet. Nothing worked. I don't have a fast letdown or over supply. When I googled his symptoms, silent reflux popped up. It describes my son perfectly, other than him being a bad sleeper; he sleeps pretty well. I convinced Dr to prescribe Zantac. He was on .6ml twice a day. It worked great for about a week then his symptoms reappeared. I asked to have the dose increased. He was sent for a scinta scan (sp) test which showed only a mild case; therefore, they will not continue medication. They gave me A.R formula instead. I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do. He's had a cough for weeks, he has wet burps and gets the hiccups constantly. I have to feed him on the hour to ensure he gets enough because he won't take a lot at once. He starts crying and gives up. I just want my baby to be happy and be able to eat when he's hungry. Has anyone else experienced this? Do they make any OTC medication I could try? I hate to medicate him but I feel it would work if the proper dose was given. And if I'm wrong, at least I could move on knowing it's definitely not reflux causing his symptoms. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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    You may want to consider trying a hazelwood necklace. It worked wonders for Hayden's reflux and I was able to skate past a pretty severe case without any medication. Hazelwood naturally reduces acid in the body, but some kids can be allergic to the wood so you'll want to closely watch at first. I know with Hayden, we weren't able to remove it at all or her symptoms would come flying back. It can be anywhere on the body - we bought a necklace and at night we would take it off, wrap it around her ankle twice, and put a sock over it. It took about 2-3 days to really start working and the difference was incredible. If we took her necklace off, it would only take about an hour for her symptoms to come back so we ended up being very careful about being sure it was ALWAYS on. Even now, we still keep it on her. Chances are she has grown out of her reflux, but I figure it certainly isn't doing any harm!! The one we have is Healing Hazel, but I'm sure there are other brands out there as well :)
      Thank you ladies for taking the time to respond. Laura - you're right, I definitely should get a second opinion. He wasn't showing symptoms during his test (of course) and even if it is only mild, maybe he just has a harder time dealing with it. Beth - I have never heard of this necklace you speak of. I will definitely look in to it! Thank you for the advice! :)
        Alissa I just ordered the hazel wood necklace. I'll let you know how it works. I figure I should give it at least a week. *fingers crossed*
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