Child Travel Bed

Honestly, we don't use a travel bed for our kids. We are co-sleepers, so when we travel we just all sleep in the hotel bed. Occasionally we will make a "fancy bed" out of two chairs put together for one of the kids if there isn't a bed big enough for all of us. I've also had Mason "camp" in the closet of a hotel room - we just put a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor and he had his own room :)

Pack and plays are probably more traditional approach to travel beds... but we have always been a little less traditional ;)

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    Amanda Muir
    Pack n plays work wonders. I used to have a Kidco Peapod too that we would take with us and the baby would sleep in there at night sometimes. Often times we do what Beth says though - cosleep or cosleep the children. In Hawaii this year we had a 2 bedroom condo and all 3 of our kids were sleeping in one queen bed together just because they wanted to!
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